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Book (in English)

(1) Endohedral Lithium-containing Fullerenes: Preparation, Derivatization, and Application

Yutaka Matsuo, Hiroshi Okada, Hiroshi Ueno

Springer, Singapore, 2017. [DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-5004-6] [ISBN: 978-981-10-5003-9] [LINK]


(1) 金属と分子集合ー最新技術と応用ー(監修),シーエムシー出版

2010年11月(ISBN: 978-4781302928)[LINK]


(2) 有機薄膜太陽電池の科学,松尾 豊,化学同人

2011年4月(ISBN 978-4-7598-1298-5) [LINK]


(3) 「有機半導体における各種物性の測定事例と評価方法」(電子書籍),情報機構

2011年12月(ISBN 978-4-905545-22-4)


(4) 「ナノカーボン:炭素材料の基礎と応用」(分担執筆),近代科学社

2012年7月(ISBN 978-4764950252)[LINK]


(5) 「有機薄膜太陽電池の研究最前線」(監修),シーエムシー出版

2012年7月(ISBN 978-4-7813-0600-1)[LINK]


(6) 「フラーレン誘導体・内包技術の最前線」,松尾 豊 (監修),シーエムシー出版

2014年4月 (ISBN 978-4-7813-0937-8)[LINK]

Book Chapters (in English)

(1) Cyclophenacene Cut Out of Fullerene, Yutaka Matsuo and Eiichi Nakamura

in "Functional Organic Materials: Syntheses, Strategies and Applications" Edited by Thomas J. J. Müller and Uwe H. F. Bunz

Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2007, p59-80 (Chapter 2). [LINK]


(2) Application of Fullerenes to Nanodevices, Yutaka Matsuo and Eiichi Nakamura

in "Chemistry of Nanocarbons" Edited by F. Wudl, S. Nagase and T. Akasaka

Wiley-Blackwell, 2010, p173-187 (Chapter 6). [LINK]


(3) Solution-processable Small Molecule Organic Photovoltaic Devices, Yutaka Matsuo
in "Trends in Advanced Sensitized and Organic Solar Cells" (ISBN: 978-4-7813-0620-9) Edited by T. Miyasaka
CMC Publishing Co., Ltd., 2012, p222–231. [LINK]


(4) Molecular Assembly and Organization of Fullerenes for Photoelectric Conversion, Yutaka Matsuo

"Metal–Molecular Assembly for Functional Materials" (ISBN 978-4-431-54369-5) Edited by Y. Matsuo et al.

Springer, Berlin, Germany, 2013 (Chapter 1). [LINK]


(5) Fullerene Derivatives as Electron Acceptors in Polymer Solar Cells, Yutaka Matsuo

"Polymer Photovoltaics: Materials, Physics, and Device Engineering" Edited by F. Huang, H.-L. Yip, and Y. Cao

RSC Publishing, Cambridge, UK, 2015 (Chapter 4). [LINK]


(6) Fullerene Derivatives for Organic Solar Cells, Yutaka Matsuo

"Chemical Science of π-Electron Systems" Edited by T. Akasaka, A. Osuka, S. Fukuzumi, H. Kandori, Y. Aso

Springer, Berlin, Germany, 2015 (Chapter 36). [LINK]


(7) Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes in Solar Cells

Il Jeon, Yutaka Matsuo, Shigeo Maruyama

Topics Curr. Chem. 2018376, 4. [DOI: 10.1007/s41061-017-0181-0]


(8) Recent Progress in Porphyrin Derivatives Used in Organic Thin-film Solar Cells

Yutaka Matsuo and Keisuke Ogumi 

"Applications of Porphyrinoids as Functional Materials" Edited by H. Lang, T. Rüffer, 2021, RSC Publishing, Cambridge, UK, 2021 (Chapter 7). [DOI: 10.1039/9781839164149-00204].


(9) Fullerenes in Photovoltaics

Hao-Sheng Lin and Yutaka Matsuo

"Handbook of Fullerene Science and Technology" Edited by X. Lu, T. Akasaka, Z. Slanina, Springer, Singapore, 2021, [DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-3242-5] [LINK].


(10) Lithium Endohedral Fullerenes

Yue Ma and Yutaka Matsuo

"Handbook of Fullerene Science and Technology" Edited by X. Lu, T. Akasaka, Z. Slanina, Springer Nature, 2021, [DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-3242-5] [LINK].